Digging Secrets

by Post Paradise

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released May 18, 2013

Nick Duarte - Vocals/Guitar
Amy Morgan - Cello
Chris Prosio - Bass
Mark Roshon - Drums/Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by Chris Beeble @ Blasting Room Studios



all rights reserved


Post Paradise Fort Collins, Colorado

Blending strong lyrical and melodic influences from multiple genres, the four musicians comprising Post Paradise deliver an indie/alternative rock sound that is unique and memorable.

The Cello-Rock Band’s second full-length album, “Digging Secrets,” is set for release in May of 2013.
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Track Name: You Would Know By Now
You Would Know By Now

I've been watching what you do
All the people that you use
Such a shame that to find your muse
that you walk on us, well, we're onto you

I'd won the battle before you'd known the war you're waging
If you had a melody for her, you would know by now
I found your lover ignored, despite her expectations
If you had a remedy for her, you would know by now

And they love to love you for the person that they think you are
And you take all their praise
I think you're nothing at all
Track Name: Digging Secrets
Digging Secrets

Broken and cast away
Where are you going in such a hurry, my little one?
You must've never learned
that digging secrets will only keep you in the mud

You get the first prize
for digging up the most lies
tell me does it keep you warm at night?
Now you've spent you whole life
dealing with the worst kind
just so you could set your home alight

The black under your fingernails
The blood that's on your tongue
It reminds you of where you have been
even though you've just begun
Now you're here and you just don't care
what you'll uncover or who'll suffer the worst of it

But he's just begun to fight
And it won't be long
'cause this house of straw was bound so tight
with the lies and the words
that he'd heard for a lifetime

But it don't feel right
Track Name: Nights Of Future Past
Nights of Future Past

What a lovely night for letting go
of all of the fear you had when you were all alone
'Cause you know that you don't need it anymore
There's a future waiting right behind that door

Can someone tell me why
we care what happens when we die?
It's not gonna matter, whatever comes after,
it can't be better than tonight

Now finally I have everything I need
What a lovely night to tell you how I feel
I had to bite my tongue more than you would believe
Soon you will know exactly what I mean

Just tell me you're here with me
Track Name: Call Me Out
Call Me Out

Turn the lights down low
What do you see?
Another side of love
The difference between the kind that lifts you up enough
and the kind that likes to play it rough
Those two can never agree

Call me down and call me out
I'm such a sucker for the sound of your attention
like a thousand quickened hearts in my direction
Say it soft, pronounce it slow
I'm so enamored with the tone of your affection
Little white, but painted lies and misdirections

We're picking sides now
This is no ordinary crush
We're laying lives down
I bet you've never thought so much about a song
or spent so long to learn the words and sing along
So take your time now

You can take me away
Track Name: What You Made Me
What You Made Me

I don't want to take your calls
'Cause I don't wanna stop moving on
and be another one of those sons

I'd rather be all that I am now
than all that I would be if you didn't leave
You'll never see, all that I am now
is all that I should be
This is what you made me

I'm not gonna wait all day
I wasted too much time on a car that never came
Always different stories but they all sounded the same
Track Name: Fan Theory
Fan Theory

Wake me when it's over
'cause I don't wanna play this game
not anymore, not me
I'm afraid I'll be discovered
I hide behind my layers of sarcasm and subtlety
Oh they'll be oh so surprised
'cause I'm the kinda guy you can't quite read…

Tell me something 'cause I wanna believe
that there's more left to see
I'm so tired of the ordinary
The party's over and I just wanna leave
Oh it's such irony that you'll all move on
while I'm stuck being me

I sit and write these words
I think about the people that I know I'll never meet
The ones who're with me listening
You validate my ego and my insecurities
Oh they'll be oh so inspired
'cause I'm the kinda guy you shouldn't believe…

Terrible or great?
A battle in my brain
no matter what you say
Track Name: When The Rain Comes
When the Rain Comes

I wish it would rain
but all these threatening clouds just keep on making me wait
There's nothing I can do while the sun is out and burning
and the skies are bright and blue

I hope that it pours
Soak me through to the bone
I'll still be begging you for more
'Cause it's giving me a feeling
The sun is out and burning and I'm looking for a reason

You have such a delicate way
You move and keep me safely in the shade
I do hope that you'll darken my parade
I'm blue, but I'll forget when the rain comes
Track Name: This Was Us
This Was Us

Track Name: Murder Presents
Murder Presents

I am careless but I am wise beyond my years
and god I try to be everything she needs
She gets cynical sometimes and all that's lovely on the inside
gets buried underneath

I'll hold the weight 'cause she tells me it's alright
if I don't think I can stay
Well my heart's not easy to break
I love the way that she tells me that her mind
might be more than I can take
Well my heart's not easy to break

I can't help but wonder why
she's been spending all of her time
worried I might leave
She's all I need, all I desire
She is perfect in my eyes
Why can't she see what I see?
Track Name: A Long Time Coming
A Long Time Coming

You left me hanging for a long time
I thought you should know your knack for tearing down a good thing
Well it's starting to show
My thoughts got left behind
My heart won't let you go
I gave the best of me and now you can't deny

It's been a long time coming but
I finally woke up on the wrong side of it
now I think it's time to find someone who's loving me back
the way that I want to be

You know forgiveness don't come easy for the things that you do
Lost sleep and drink receipts, believe me, I'm making it through
This paranoia gets me high
My lack of feeling scares me so
I used to trust myself but now I can't rely
Track Name: Here Come The Wolves
Here Come the Wolves

Crawling away
Lucky that you could escape
You can't win 'em all, but you'll fight another day
All of your strength and all of your youth
it won't help you now
'cause here come the wolves

So frightening
when you're knocked down to your knees
and you know that you are more than what you seem
and you find out what you'd do to earn your dreams

You can say that you'll try and try again
Well that only works for so long
Comes a time you can't pretend
You were lost and alone, but you knew that from the start
Now drift off to sleep so you won't feel a thing
'till they're tearing you apart

Will you earn your dreams?